Unique and detailed illustrations, infographics and animations to make your projects fun.

Easy Workflow

Simplify the communication of your agency with your clients through detailed and artistic scribbles - included in every project.

Stressfreie Kommunikation zwischen Ihrer Agentur und dem Kunden durch detaillierte und aufwendige Skizzen - Bestandteil jedes Projekts.

Detailed artistic sketches streamline the process of turning your concept into the final graphic - and help to optimize the communication with your clients.

Vectorgraphic or handdrawn

- you decide

Clean vector forms or creative, personal style handdrawn lines - pick from a wide range of styles. Whatever works best for your project.

Reduzierte Vektorgraphiken oder klassische Handzeichnungen - was auch immer am besten zu Ihrem Projekt passt.

Full professional experience

Dipl. Designer Florian Sänger

Degree 2008 Folkwang Schule/Essen

2006-2007 Parsons Newschool for Design / NYC

2008 Freelance illustrator in Berlin

Eight years experience in illustration, infographics, animation, life action drawing,

murals, video game artwork, music videos, web animation, textile design.